A friend of mine recently bemoaned his lack of community and it got me to thinking, how does one go about building a community of friends? Building a support network?

One of the ideas I suggested was to start one at a time.

This time of pandemic lock-down hasn't been all bad. Certainly, people getting sick and dying is utterly terrible, but being more alone than normal has reminded me to reach out more than normal. The past few months have given me a prompt to reach out to friends and family, and many people have responded well.

I've spoken to Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins who I previously didn't speak to frequently. I've reconnected with old friends, and maintained contact with people I was already seeing frequently. I've been able to catch up with mentors, and written more cards in the last six months than I probably did in all of 2019.

If we build community one person at a time, then all these little efforts, whether they are reciprocated or not, are building blocks on the way to a good group of friends. Let's make that effort, and make the world a more connected place while we're at it.