In my short time as a working adult, I've delivered medicine, sold books, administered computers, and written software. I'm proud of the jobs I had when I was younger, and grateful for the experiences I've had since.

I've developed myself into a warm and welcoming technologist with a focus on the intersection between development and operations. My primary language is Python, but I'm also interested in the expressiveness of Swift and Ruby, the balance of C#, and the utility of JavaScript and Perl. If any of this interests you, you can find contact information on my current standard resume.

Work History

Susquehanna International Group, LLP

Application Support Software Engineer

June 2020 – Present

In my latest role at SIG, I write automated ready-for-business reports and management tools for the Proprietary Trading Services Team, which supports effective stock and derivatives trading. My projects to-date have used Python 3 and C# .NET technology stacks.

Test Automation Software Engineer

January 2018 – June 2020

In my previous role, I developed automated unit and integration tests in IronPython against a large, .NET based, options trading platform. I tested various functional systems including risk management for market taking strategies and our next generation spot feed provider. I was also responsible for investigating and escalating test failures, responding to build system help requests, and feature development. In my last three months in this role, I led virtual scrums for our team of twelve, and started transitioning to a new team.

Test Automation Software Engineering Co-op

March 2016 – September 2016

While a student, I worked on a test automation team as a full-time co-op, designing and developing a new test code runner. I utilized existing internal libraries to consolidate test running logic into an extensible package that is still being used by the team as a critical piece of infrastructure to this day.

Apple Inc.

Linux and vSphere Systems Architecture Co-op

September 2014 – March 2015

As a third-year student, I worked full-time for Apple's Silicon Engineering Group in Cupertino. I primarily spent my time with the team's virtual infrastructure, planning and testing an upgrade path from VMware vSphere 5.1 to 5.5. In doing so, I wrote ESXi Kickstart and PXE-Boot scripts to automate deployment, and wrote scripts using the vSphere Perl SDK to aid in our planned downtime event.

Drexel University

Assistant Linux Systems Administrator

April 2014 – September 2014

I worked part-time during my second year at Drexel as an assistant SysAdmin in the Department of Computer Science, responding to student, faculty, and staff support requests, and assisting with the Department's internal website and configuration management infrastructure.


Orthodox Philly

November 2019 – Present


When I was first deciding to move to Philadelphia, one of the important factors was where I would go to Church, and how good of a parish I could find. I was fortunate to already know the pastor of one of the suburban parishes, but before that I stumbled upon, which purported to help with this exploration. When I found it, the website had been recently updated, but after a while the original maintainers moved away and moved on, so it sat dormant for many moons.

Remembering how much I enjoyed there being a website dedicated to the Philadelphia Orthodox Community, I reached out to a few people to see about taking it over, and was met with a resounding yes! Naturally, it lay unmaintained a while longer as we slowly transferred ownership of the domain, social media handles, and WordPress source, but finally it happened, and a while after that I went live with a new version hosted from Squarespace on Saturday June 20th, 2020. Of course, this wasn't without hiccups, as Squarespace didn't update the SSL certificate right away, but hopefully this will be easier to maintain and involve outside contributions from organizations like the local Clergy Brotherhood.