I've had a personal website of some form since I realized Drexel University provided free hosting to their students way back in late 2012 or early 2013. I even still have a copy of the repo I put up on Drexel Pages, dated 2013. I've long thought it to be important to have my own curated presence on the web, but I hadn't heard of this idea being distilled into the IndieWeb Movement until just recently when I followed a link from HackerNews about the importance of using static websites for emergency response.

I can't find the original HackerNews post in my history to show you, but traveling down the rabbit hole of yet another personal website led me to proponents of the IndieWeb Movement, putting a face and a name to something I implicitly felt strongly about. From my early reading, there seem to be a lot of good ideas about how and why to successfully develop your personal website (see Rage Against the Content Machine also by Max), so here's to joining the IndieWeb in full.